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Welcome to the Ottawa Institute of Logotherapy!

We are an independent psychotherapy practice, located in Ottawa.

Our practice provides evidence based psychotherapeutic services according to the general principles of Viktor E. Frankl’s Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (LTEA) to help clients improve their well being.

We also engage in teaching and research activities, offering a series of professional development courses to learn how to apply Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (LTEA) in practice.

What is Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (LTEA)?

Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (LTEA) is a meaning-centered approach within the humanistic existentialist schools of psychotherapy. It was founded by Viktor Emil Frankl, MD, PhD, a psychiatrist in Vienna. Dr. Frankl (1905-1997) was a skilled physician who very early in his career observed that while many people experience suffering, not every person succumbs to despair. From then on, he started to develop an interest in the role of the search for meaning in helping individuals find a fruitful path in life despite setbacks and obstacles.

As a young doctor, Viktor E. Frankl was a follower of Sigmund Freud and Alfred Adler. Aside from recognizing the role of the Pleasure Principle and the Power Principle as important motivators of human behaviour, Dr. Frankl increasingly advocated for the Search for Meaning as a fundamental and most important motivating force in human life. During the Second World War, Dr. Frankl was incarcerated in three concentration camps. There he put his views to test and validated them. His motto became: “Say Yes to life despite everything.” He published his experiences in a well-known book entitled: “Man’s Search for Meaning.”

Logo-therapy is derived from the Greek word, Logos, which denotes Meaning and Reason. This form of psychotherapy rests on a holistic anthropological view of the person. It conceptualizes each person as a biological, psychological and spiritual being. Meaning-centered psychotherapy concentrates and explores what keeps a human being healthy and what unique meaning potentials can be discovered in any person’s concrete situation.